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Lively Hate for Gays and Strippers


Downtown Springfield, MA

Sometimes I don’t want to be right, but I predicted this one.  My local whack job, Scott Lively, is now claiming credit for the gas line explosion that blew up a strip club in my city, Springfield, MA.  Apparently, the utility worker that accidentally hit the gas line was doing God’s work in trying to blow up himself and a bunch of police officers and firefighters.  I wonder what good ole Scott (Defend the Family of Abiding Truth Ministries) and his Holy Grounds Coffee House will pray for next for Springfield.  It hasn’t even been two years yet since he told the Boston Globe that he is “toning down his antigay rhetoric and shifting his focus to helping the downtrodden.” Does that means he is willing to let hundreds of now homeless people crash at his house?  Is he willing to give all of those unemployed exotic dancers well-paying jobs in his ministry?  Well, why not?  His manager was a convicted pedophile.  And he lived ABOVE the coffee house.  Oh wait!  That’s right!  Scott “didn’t know.”  And even if he had known, he said, “That’s the beauty of the salvation of Christ.  When you come to Jesus Christ, and you accept his forgiveness for your sins, then you are forgiven by Him and enter a new life. It doesn’t surprise me that he had a rough past, that he has a criminal record.”  Maybe it doesn’t surprise him because he has his own checkered past, as an alcoholic and drug addict who hitchhiked across the US (doing who knows what) until he found God in an evangelical church.  Maybe he should have tried AA first!



So anyway, back to caring for the downtrodden… That must be what he was doing when he asked everyone to pray, “Finally Lord, we pray that you would destroy the works of Satan in this city [Springfield, MA] and ask you demolish them in such a way that it is clearly by your hand alone and not the works of men, saving the people but destroying the institutions that have set themselves against your truth.”  I guess he didn’t like that God sent a utility worker to blow up the strip club, as it is not apparent enough that it was God’s work.



I just can’t get over how crazy this guy is.  Well, at least he is not saying I am bisexual because I had sex with demons in my dreams.  Well, not yet, anyway…  And the guy is seriously considering running for governor!






Springfield, MA Gas Explosion

Copyright 2011 Regina D. Kleiner

I live in Springfield and somehow did not even feel or hear the explosion that rocked us last night.  That is probably because I was in a car heading north away from the city at the time.  I am so grateful we drove a different way, or we might have been passing downtown at the time of the explosion.  My first thought was, “Great, Springfield doesn’t need this.” We still haven’t cleaned up from the 2011 tornado damage. We still have damage from the freak October snowstorm.  Thank goodness we didn’t suffer much damage from Superstorm Sandy.  We have been in “negotiations” with casinos to renovate downtown in the tornado zone, and now more of downtown is destroyed.  And all of this is AFTER we spent millions renovating downtown.  It was beautiful.  Not so much anymore.  This is one of those times when I believe the government needs to step in and do something.  I don’t see how we can recover from one disaster after another.  I’m supposed to go to a Springfield Falcons game today, and I don’t know if I dare at this point.  What is happening to my city?  We are the home of the Basketball Hall of Fame, and Dr. Seuss.  Throughout the city you can find beautiful high tops (sneakers) that were decorated by local artists.  We have amazing shows at City Stage and Symphony Hall, not to mention games and concerts at the Mass Mutual Center.  We need to get this city jump started again!  My only consolation is that at least Scott Lively, our local bigot, can’t say this is God’s wrath on the gays.  It was a straight gentleman’s club that blew up.




Hurricane Sandy Brings ENOUGH!

Hurricane Sandy (2012): 60 km Wind Area Forecast

Hurricane Sandy (2012): 60 km Wind Area Forecast (Photo credit: Canadian Pacific)

Imagine my surprise to read that some right-wing Christian preacher is saying that I, as a lesbian, am the reason for Hurricane Sandy hitting the entire eastern seaboard.  Well, not me personally, but all gays, lesbian, bisexuals, and transgenders.  Oh, and anyone who “sides” with us.  Oh, and don’t forget the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama, and even Romney!  Although I hate to give him more hits, if you are interested in reading his rambling blog, it can be found below.

He truly believes that we need a massive prayer meeting to save America.  You know, I have been listening to my friends say there comes a point when you must speak up and say, “enough is enough.”  I think this might be it.  So, I am saying it.  ENOUGH!

ENOUGH WITH THE JUDGMENTS!  Romans 2:1-3 says, “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself: for thou that judgest does the same things. But we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.  And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?”  TRANSLATION:  Don’t judge others, for if you do, you condemn yourself, for you do the same as others. Now I’m not saying this preacher has done the same things we in the LGBT community have done, but let’s see…  I have loved…  I have hurt…  I have wanted the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness… Yes, I have had sex with members of the same sex.  But isn’t that between me and my God? I don’t stand in judgment of you for whatever you do in your bedroom…

ENOUGH WITH THE CHERRY-PICKING!  I am sick of hearing moderate Republicans say they are siding with Romney because of this or that, and they don’t agree with the suppression of rights for gays.  If you agree with a candidate on one issue, you have to agree with them on all.  Now, I’m not saying that I agree with Obama on all issues.  I don’t.  But I have to choose the issues that are the most important to me and vote accordingly.  And I have to take into account ALL of the issues.  Then, I have to stand with one or the other, based on what is most important to me.  SOOOOO, that means if you tell me you are voting for Romney due to his economic policies, then stand up for that belief and tell me you think your paycheck is more important than my rights as a citizen of this country, and as a human being.

ENOUGH WITH THE DENIAL!  I don’t understand how anyone who has ever been oppressed can do the same to others.  If you have suffered due to your race, or your sex, or your nationality, or your immigration status, or your weight, or your height, or your physical disabilities, or your learning disabilities, or your age, or your religion, or…  How can you look me in the eye and say it is okay to do to me what was done to you?  IT IS ALL THE SAME!!!!  Martin Luther King, Jr. would be so ashamed of his niece.  He spoke out for equality for all.  He would not have wanted to transfer racial prejudice to gay bigotry.  He talked about standing in resistance to segregation, all while making friends with whites.  Where is the camaraderie between blacks and gays?  Where is the love?

ENOUGH WITH THE HATE!  My entire life I have been taught that Christianity is about love.  That God is about love.  That we should love our neighbors.  That we should love our enemies.  That we should love the sinners.  Where is that love for the LGBT community?  If you really believe gays are sinners, where is the love?  Love doesn’t mean standing in judgment.  Love doesn’t mean taking away rights, taking away children, taking away life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Love doesn’t mean bashing us in the head with baseball bats or hanging us out like scarecrows.  Love doesn’t mean raping us to teach us a lesson.

Yes, I am saying ENOUGH!  I hope others speak up with me and say ENOUGH!  I want to hear how you have had ENOUGH!