A Request

I haven’t written in a long time, and I know there’s no excuse. However, I have been working on my books. Yes, that’s right, books. I self-published my book, Never Coming Back, as both lesbian fiction and as erotica on Amazon.com. Here’s where the request comes in. I have sold over 100 copies, but the regular version has only one review and the erotica version has only one review. If you read either and liked it, would you please review it for me? Amazon won’t promote your book if you don’t have reviews. And remember, 3 stars should mean it was all right. Unfortunately, the one reviewer I have on the erotica version didn’t understand that and gave me 2 stars for a mixed review. That brings down my rating. I appreciate all the reviews I can get.


You can find both here:

Sara S. Jansen


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