Gaining Inspiration From Other Writers

Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed (Photo credit: Grace Miller)

Tonight I attended a talk called Come Out Writing, hosted by the Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT.  I would call the event a huge success, even though attendance was not ridiculous.  It was not an intimate venue, but the host, playwright Jacques Lamarre, made it feel that way. He did an excellent job moderating, with well-thought out questions. All of the proceeds were donated to True Colors, a non-profit organization in Hartford, CT that provides support, education, and advocacy for LGBTQ youth, adults, and families.  Participants included novelist, actor and filmmaker James Lecesne; poet and journalist Bessy Reyna; and authors Frank Anthony Polito, Tanisha McMillan, and Jennifer Lavoie.  Overall, it was inspiring to be a part of a conversation with some talented writers, hearing their unique and entertaining takes on being a writer, being gay (except for Jennifer), being a “gay writer,” as well as all the other labels we may or may not give ourselves (such as “Band Fag”).  I really enjoyed myself, and enjoyed meeting others in the audience as well.  Now… drum roll please… it is time to get back to writing the sequel to my book, and use their success as inspiration for me to keep going.  Onward, James!



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